Dave Sutherland

An American Entrepreneur

Welcome to the office of Dave Sutherland. Dave is a Southern California based American Entrepreneur with a strong aptitude for creative problem solving. Like other entrepreneurs who exist to push the boundaries of the status quo; Dave strongly believes in the value of critical thinking and the need to risk failure on the path to achieving successful outcomes.

New Venture

Dave is currently engaged with the early development of a new venture that will harness his decades of experience and vision to create a fun rendering of what could be. The hope is to inspire younger entrepreneurs and perhaps give the world something to smile about.


Early Influences…

Dave was born in Southern California to older parents from the Great Depression era who enforced strict values that shaped his relentless determination to pursue excellence. They moved the family to a cattle ranch in Southern Nevada where Dave would spend his formative years. Those early years on the ranch helped to shape his understanding of the real world, the value of hard work and the necessity of critical thinking.

Stepping Out…

Years later the family would return to Southern California and when Dave entered high school he began gravitating towards a life of entrepreneurism. He worked odd jobs, volunteered to take on complex projects his school needed done, started a window washing business and ultimately landed a job at a mall eatery. After relentless determination and long hours working off the clock, he was given the opportunity to manage all aspects of the operation. In those days schools encouraged young people to grow up quickly and become productive contributing members of society. His school counselor allowed him to leave in the morning so he could spend the last semester of his senior year managing the business.

The Live Lights Era…

Shortly after graduating high school, Dave made a loan and founded his first real venture, he was 19 and would never look back. The company was called Live Lights and like other great rebel startups of the day it operated out of Dave’s garage. Over the course of the next 30 years Dave grew the company as well as his entrepreneurial skills. He thoughtfully guided the company through explosive success as well as unexpected adversity all the while out innovating those who tried to compete. Live lights was highly efficient, vertically integrated and set the pace for others to follow. Throughout the Live Lights era the company would be trusted by some of the biggest corporations on the planet and provide services to some of the most recognizable events in North America.

Thoughtful Transition…

After decades of pushing the boundaries of the live production industry, Dave began to turn his sights to new endeavors. He began the process of winding down the Live Lights era, while quietly developing and testing a new business plan that would pave the way for a different type of venture tailored for the next 30 years.